From dua Pay to Brillion: A New Vision for Financial Independence

5 min readMay 24, 2023

Billions. Not Thousands. Not Millions. Billions.

That’s the number of users that will join web3 in the coming years and decades.

Along with them, countless new projects and transactions will join the market too.

This next phase of adoption will need a unified way to bridge the new users into web3 and finally connect the space together.

No more limited products that tear the entire market apart. Enough with centralized solutions that steal your data and privacy.

Bridging billions of new users through web3 won’t get done with any of these standalone tools. We need an entire vision to facilitate this adoption.

A vision that encompasses seamless user experience and inclusion of the entire ecosystem, with self-custody, self-sovereign identity, and privacy at the center of the tech itself.

That’s where Brillion comes in. The next step of the evolution of dua Pay, the Brillion brand, is here on a mission to develop the all-inclusive gateway to web3.

In this blog post, you will learn more about how dua Pay, remittances and cross-border payments solution built for the app, has become a much bigger brand for the financial inclusion of billions of people.

Stick around to learn about the vision of Brillion and what you can expect next on the product front.

Brillion: Bridging Billions, Orchestrating Financial Evolution, One Transaction at a Time

Brillion is a new brand developed by the dua foundation — we’re the team that started from, a popular dating app, with millions of active users.

In 2022, we ventured into web3 space, using AllianceBlock’s technology to develop a wallet for our large user base.

Excited by the potential of the technology, the initial goal was to focus on enabling cross-border payments and remittances inside the app with a product called dua Pay, helping our community easily send money abroad with the $DUA token.

The journey has been exciting so far, including a successful Fundrs-powered funding round, a Telegram community of thousands of people, as well as partnerships with Blocksquare and FLUUS.

Simultaneously, the development of the dating app continues to gain momentum. With over 1 million monthly active users and the recent acquisition of the dating app, we are well-positioned to realize our ambition of becoming the first Balkan Unicorn startup brand.

However, during the development of the dua wallet, one thing became clear:

Using AllianceBlock and NexeraID’s technology to build the wallet opened doors to new opportunities outside of’s user base.

The collaboration resulted in new ideas and solutions that exceeded the limits of a single wallet and userbase. These solutions can reach a wider audience and significantly impact more than we initially thought.

The objective shifted from serving millions to empowering billions in interacting with the web3 space through cross-border payments, digital identity and more.

To support this new long-term vision, we are excited to announce the rebrand from dua Pay to Brillion, a pivotal step in our journey to accelerating the adoption of web3.

Our mission is simple (but huge). To help billions of people bridge into web3 with the right tools that help them navigate the ecosystem with full control of their assets, identity and data.

The name ‘Brillion’ symbolizes the aim of connecting billions of people and the immense potential of each individual in our ecosystem.

All You Need to Know About Brillion’s Technology

The Brillion smart wallet and identity solution, will put you in full control of your digital identity, assets, and privacy.

Say goodbye to complexity as you navigate the world of crypto on your terms. With Brillion, you’ll enjoy smooth identification, seamless asset management, and top-notch security features.

But that’s just the beginning — as we strive to bring billions of users into crypto, we’ll keep evolving to provide you with the latest web3 features under the Brillion brand.

These will stay true to the trustless cross-border and remittance functions of dua Pay and expand on them with several additional features.

From compliance solutions and verifiable credentials powered by NexeraID to advanced asset recovery mechanisms and fractionalization of NFTs powered by AllianceBlock’s Nexera Protocol, Brillion will revolutionize the way you engage with web3.

These upcoming features will empower you, add extra security measures, and unlock new opportunities in the web3 landscape. We will release more technical information about the wallet in the coming weeks.

Private Beta, Token Rewards, and Partnerships: What’s Next for Brillion

We are thrilled to finally announce the Brillion brand as the next evolution of dua Pay. The new brand and vision now encompass the financial inclusion of billions of people into web3.

Join us on this exciting journey as we bridge the digital gap and empower individuals with the right tools to navigate the web3 ecosystem, ensuring full control over their assets, identity, and data.

In the coming weeks, we have a lot in store for you, including new product updates and exciting partnership announcements that will shape the future of Brillion.

To help us build the best products on the market, we offer you the opportunity to sign up for the private beta of our product. By participating in the beta, you’ll get an exclusive sneak peek into the Brillion experience and play a crucial role in shaping its development.

And that’s not all — as a sign of our gratitude, the first 100 of you to join the beta and participate sufficiently, will receive an equivalent of 50 USD in $DUA tokens as in-wallet credit that will be key for accessing exclusive features like account customization and for cashback purposes.

During the private beta phase, we’ll gather feedback from our early adopters, iterate on our features, and refine the user experience to ensure that the Brillion brand exceeds your expectations. We will also announce a bug bounty program with significant incentives.

Stay tuned as we release more information, unveil new features, and announce exciting partnerships in the coming weeks. Brillion is committed to providing a secure and user-centric web3 experience, and we can’t wait to have you on board.

Join our Telegram community, follow us on Twitter, and embark on this transformative journey with Brillion. Together, let’s shape the future of web3 and empower billions of you worldwide.

About Brillion

Brillion is the future of financial empowerment. Powered by AllianceBlock’s technology, the Brillion team is paving the way for a more connected, inclusive, and empowered global community. With a focus on seamless user experience, self-custody, self-sovereign identity, and privacy, Brillion’s wallet is here to continuously evolve to offer cutting-edge features and innovations that will empower billions of users to take control of their financial future.

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